We offer an extensive and friendly firewood and log delivery service here at Suffolk Stump Grinding.

We have only the best quality firewood. Our hardwood stored undercover, eco-friendly dried and has been seasoned for at least one year.  In preparation for the winter months we have the ability to process, split and stockpile large quantities of firewood which will be stored away from the elements after seasoning has taken place.

All wood is cut to size and processed using our log splitter, enabling it to fit in your log burner or fireplace. Our log lengths vary in size from 8″ to 14″ with the majority being around 10″, we are unable to pick out exact sizes but feel the above sizes accommodate the majority of firewood users.

We are based in the heart of Suffolk at Otley.

Delivery is offered to the following locations:

  • Otley
  • Woodbridge
  • Grundisburgh
  • Clopton
  • Tuddenham
  • Melton
  • Wickham Market
  • Kesgrave
  • Martlesham
  • Henley
  • Framlingham

Delivery to further locations is sometimes limited due to demand, please email us to confirm this.

A location/area for logs to be tipped from our trailer is essential, this area needs to be at least 3 car lengths in space to ensure we can tip, turn-around and depart safely.

If logs cannot be tipped or need to be manually handled from our truck to a log store a charge of £12 (per meter cubed) will be added to cover our time in doing this.

All firewood is delivered loose but measured out in 1m cubed builders bag to ensure consistency.

Payment must be paid before or upon delivery. We are always happy to deliver if you are not at home, please provide clear instructions.

If you wish to make an order please email us with your name, address and a contact number along with desired wood amount.

Our email address is provided here:


1 meter cubed of hardwood firewood£100 
2 meters cubed of hardwood firewood£195Most Common Choice 
3 meters cubed of hardwood firewood£285 
4 meters cubed + of hardwood firewood£90 per m 

We also offer an on site log splitting service if you have your own logs to be split. To find out more visit our page by clicking here.

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