Stump Removal

Reasons for complete stump removal include:

  •   - Building works
  •   - Earth moving
  •   - Insurance terms

Sometimes the entire stump is required to be removed, we can aid you in this with the use of winches, diggers, dumpers and waste removal.

The issue with complete stump removal is that there is a hole in the area where the stump has been, it often makes the surrounding ground very fragile and may need filling in with topsoil. This is the reason why generally stump grinding is often the best way to proceed; you can read more about stump grinding here.

If stump removal is absolutely necessary we are able to access small areas with our micro digger and use a ‘ripper’ to rip the stump out if necessary, if there is a strong point we can use as an anchor then the stump will be removed with a winch.

Stump removal will also require the removed stump to be disposed off, this is often in a skip or we can take it away and dispose of it for you.

Please have the following information to hand when requiring stump removal:

  1. Number of Stumps
  2. ​Size of stumps (the diameter in centimeters)
  3. ​Access issues (dependant on machinery required)
  4. ​Any obstacles or hazards within 1 meter? (Steps, walls, steep slopes, ditches, drain pipes etc)
  5. ​ What your plans are with the area? 

Stump removal is likely to be a more expensive way of tackling the stump than stump grinding due to the amount of time and machinery required to do the work, each stump will need to be tackled differently and a site visit will need to be made.

Visit our contact page to get in touch and somebody will be happy to help.  Request a quote here

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