We are able to give a fairly accurate price on the phone or by email, please make sure you have the following information available so we can be accurate as possible, click here.

Price is generally charged per job, what you get quoted is what you will pay. On the rare occasion a job can be priced per hour or per day but these tend to be larger commercial jobs. This can be talked about before a quote is sent.

No matter how big or small, the stump can be removed or grinded.

Our machines are versatile and able to be manoeuvred into the majority of areas, please highlight this in the quoting stage to ensure the correct machine is chosen and no time is wasted when arriving to conduct the work.

Once below ground level with no sunlight, the stump will rot and die.

If the stump is large and close to a building we highly recommend getting a surveyor to ensure no subsidence will take place. In the majority of cases it will be absolutely fine but always best to check with a qualified inspector first, we can help with this if necessary.

Arising’s will remain on site as standard but we are able to remove them for an extra charge, just let us know before hand.

No, we are not VAT registered.

Online bank transfer, BACS or cheque

No, as long as the gate is left open or we have access, we can conduct the work whilst you are away.

We are insured for up to £5 millon for public liability and damage.

Very dependent on size of stump, when it was cut down, where it is and which species. We can give you a best estimate but we will be there until the job is done.

We are able to be very accurate with our machines with experienced operators, majority of stumps can be grinded to within millimetres of an obstacle but feel free to send us a picture or we will come over to formulate a plan.

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